Destination Schools and Scholarships and Awards

As a truly independent preparatory school we thoroughly prepare children for Scholarships, Common Entrance and 11+ exams. Recent scholarships have included Academic, Music, All Round, Design and Technology, Art and sport and have been to schools including Harrow, Winchester, Canford, Clayesmore, Dauntsey's, Millfield, St Swithun's, Lancing, Ryde, Hampshire Collegiate and local Grammar schools.

2017 Destination Schools

Name School 
S. AllmanFareham Academy
J BakerGeelong Melbourne 
G. BarfootMilfield
A BusariDauntsey's School
J. CaineCranleigh
J CheungPGS
E DicksonFrensham Heights
T Dockerill-Gough Ryde
G FraserRyde
L HopeDauntsey's School 
F HutchinsGodolphin 
M JishMeoncross 
W JonasSherborne Boys
M KheymanDowne House
M KnightMeon Cross 
W KnightTaunton School
A KydHarrow
B KydHarrow
I MurphySeaford College
C ParryBryanston
J PowerMillfield
A RoslingDowne House 
V ShupletsovFrensham Heights
 G TurnerRadley
E WoodSherborne House


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2017  13 + Scholarships 

Name Award  School
G. Barfoot  Sport Millfield
A. Busari All Round Jolie Brise Dauntsey's School
J. Caine Hockey Cranleigh
J. Cheung Music Portsmouth Grammar School
E. Dickson Drama Frensham Heights
T. Dockerill- Gough  Sport Ryde School
L.Hope Sport Dauntseys
M. JishSportMeoncross 
W. JonasAcademic and DramaSherborne Boys' School
M KnightDramaMeoncross
W KnightDrama with All RoundTaunton School
A. KydAcademic Harrow 
B. KydAcademic Harrow
J. Power Sport Millfield 
A. RoslingAcademicDowne House 
B. ShenMusicKing Edward V1 School
V ShupletsovMusicFrensham Heights 
E WoodAcademic  Sherborne Girls's School