Friends Of West Hill Park

Who are Friends of West Hill Park? 
​Friends of West Hill Park School or ’Friends’ for short, are a group of parents, grandparents, friends and teachers who volunteer their time to work together to fundraise for the benefit of the children of West Hill Park School.

During the academic year we organise a wide range of events for the whole school community.  In the past this has included:

         •           The Summer Fete         

         •           Children's Christmas Disco for Years 2-8

         •           Themed Evening Events - 80’s Night, The Yurt Evening and a Beach Party.

         •           Family Fun Nights - Quiz, Bingo and Racing Night 

Friends’ aims are to reflect the school’s ethos;

            ‘We truly believe that a child’s education should be a happy experience” - Alastair Ramsay, Headmaster

by holding events that help cement a sense of community.  Happy people make a happy school and our events are fun, friendly and fundraising.

Where do the funds go?

Our aim is to distribute funds widely, so eventually every child will see and benefit from the resources that Friends’ provide.  In the last 3 years, with your support we have purchased:

         •           Two Mongolian Yurts

         •           A Log Burner for the Boarding House

         •           Stage lighting and replacement of scenery flats for the stage

         •           A clock for the Main Reception

         •           A water butt for the Early Years garden

         •           Event shelters

         •           House and school flags 


Do you feel inspired? How can you help?

Look on the WHP website for our upcoming events and for posters around the school.

Come and help us by simply supporting our events.

Want to get involved?

We hold meetings on a regular basis when we plan our events.  Come and find out in person what goes on.  We always need extra volunteers for the big events.

Alternatively, send us your ideas and most importantly your feedback from our events. 

Contact us:

We look forward to seeing you soon.  Thank you for your support!

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The Committee

Helen Whiting - Chair
Sue Walker - Deputy
Jane Southwick - Vice Treasurer

Kelly Barfoot
Alicia Bayer
Rosie Beasley
Sunette Moore
Helen Tucker
Ana-Maria Whiting
Lizzie Wilson