Children are set homework, called ‘Prep’, appropriate to their age and ability.

Pupils in Years 1 and 2 have a small amount of homework which provides a link between home and school and helps children to learn to work on their own. We believe that homework is a positive and beneficial extension of the children’s work at school. Reading books are sent home regularly and the children also have literacy or a problem-solving activity once or twice per week.

Pupils in Years 3 and 4 are set one 30 minute prep on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

There is an option to stay at school to complete prep under the supervision of one of the class teachers.

Pupils in Years 5 to 8 are set two 30 minute preps on each of the above nights.  Children in Years 7 and 8 are encouraged to stay at school to complete their prep in order to develop the academic self-discipline necessary for Senior School life.

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