Preparing for the next stage

As children progress through the school, they are encouraged to take more responsibility for their learning and their contribution to school life. They grow to understand their importance in the community both through instruction and example. This provides them with a strong platform, from which they can confidently move onto their senior school as independent self-reliant individuals.

As part of their Leavers Course post Common Entrance exams at 13 years our Year 8 pupils take part in a programme of activities some of which are designed to help with the transition from Prep to Senior School including a presentation from Senior School staff.

Featured Content

Supporting parents and pupils in preparation for the next stage

  • The next stage - a presentation to parents about future schools.
  • Preparing for Senior School - a presentation to parents about what is required and when.
  • Differentiated lessons with school specific scholarship practice papers.
  • Extra time available in D.T and Art Studios for support with scholarship portfolios.
  • One to one advice regarding Sport and Music progression and achievement.
  • Activity time allocated in the appropriate term for revision sessions in Maths, English and Science.
  • Timetabled revision sessions for Boarders with one to one support.
  • Access to Verbal Reasoning practice papers.
  • Interview practice with the Headmaster.