Term dates
Autumn 2017   Spring 2018   Summer 2018  
Wednesday 6th September Boarders return Sunday 7th January Boarders return Monday 16th April Boarders return
Thursday 7th September Day pupils return Monday 8th January Day pupils return Tuesday 17th April Day pupils return
Friday 29th September School Exeat Friday 26th January School Exeat Friday 4th May School Exeat
Friday 20th October School Half Term Friday 9th  February School Half Term Monday 7th May Bank Holiday - No School
Sunday 5th November Boarders return Sunday 18th February Boarders Return Friday 25th May School Half Term
Monday 6th November Day pupils return Monday 19th February Day pupils return Sunday 3rd June Boarders return
Friday 24th November School Exeat Friday 9th March School Exeat Monday 4th June Day pupils return
Wednesday 13th December End of Term Friday 23rd March End of Term Friday 22nd June School Exeat
        Friday 6th July EYFS and Year 1 and 2 End of Term
        Saturday 7th July Prep School End of Term
Autumn 2018   Spring 2019   Summer 2019  
Wednesday 5th September Boarders return Sunday 6th Jananuary Boarders return Tuesday 23rd April Boarders return
Thursday 6th September Day pupils return Monday 7th January Day pupils return Wednesday 24th April Day pupils return
Friday 28th September Exeat Friday  25th January Exeat Friday 3rd May Long Exeat
Friday 19th October Half term Friday15th February Half term Monday 6th May Boarders return
Sunday 4th November Boarders return Sunday 24th February Boarders return Tuesday 7th May Day pupils return
Monday 5th November Day pupils return Monday 25th February Day pupils return Friday 24th May Half term
Friday 23rd November Exeat Friday 15th March Exeat Sunday 2nd June Boarders return
Wednesday 12th December End of term Friday 29th March End of term Monday 3rd June Day pupils return
        Friday 21st June Exeat
        Saturday 6th July End of term