Little Griffins is our wonderful Curiosity Approach® accredited Early Years setting, where we pride ourselves on creating an engaging, calm and tranquil environment where children can build their own play using authentic materials that mirror the home. The Curiosity Approach® is a modern-day approach to Early Childhood. It’s a beautiful recipe book of wonderful ingredients, carefully mixed together with experience, passion and a love of Early Childhood. 

Children who join Little Griffins have the opportunity to experience all the school has to offer, from swimming in our on-site pool, to weekly Forest School, specialist music classes, French, PE and the opportunity to take riding lessons at the on-site stables. 

They have their own playground, but enjoy lunch in the main dining hall, with beautifully prepared fresh meals, real knives and forks and open cups. 

Children are welcomed from 2.5 years old. 


EARLY YEARS (Nursery & Reception) FEES AND CHARGES from 1st September 2023 

West Hill Park School participates in the Government’s Early Years Funding Scheme (EYE), which provides children aged between 3 and 5 years with 15 free hours of education per week. All participation is in the form of sessions as listed below:

 StartFinish StartFinish
Full morning without lunch08201150Short morning with lunch08501300
Full morning and lunch08201300Afternoon without lunch13001530
Short morning without lunch08501150Full day08201530

We offer before and after-nursery wraparound care from 07:40 until 17:40 for those who need it. We also run Club WHP, a holiday club for children from any school from EYFS to Year 8, run by teachers and support staff from West Hill Park School. Club WHP runs during the majority of the school holidays to cover ~48 weeks per year. 

Any hours attended in excess of the 15 free hours are charged at the rate of £9 per hour, which is also the hourly rate for children who are too young to be eligible for the 15 free hours. The core sessions include swimming, French, Music and Forest School, which are taught by qualified specialist staff. An enhanced provision fee of £3 for every free hour claimed by children eligible for the EYE funding will therefore be charged. The school adopts a flexible approach to attending sessions. Parents should contact the Head of Early Years with any requests in the first instance. Extra sessions, where available, are charged in arrears at the rate of £9 per hour.

For more information on fees, please click here.  

All sessions include activities (except riding), lunch, and healthy snacks.


Little Griffins Nursery

From 2.5 Years
Regular Beach and Forest School
Curiosity Approach Accredited 
Swimming, French, Music, Gym all taught by specialist teachers
Set on 20 acres of beautiful grounds, 3 miles from the beach
On-site stables with riding lessons available