Years 7 & 8 are key years in our provision and for the academic, social and developmental growth of our pupils. They are offered much higher levels of responsibility not only in guiding children in the lower years but in their own curricular and co-curricular development.

These final two years at the top of the school are an opportunity within the framework of the Pre-Senior Baccalaureate (PSB) to gain a maturity in their approach to learning and relationships free of the pressure and stress of joining a new large school.

The PSB is a skills as well as knowledge based engaging curriculum that prepares children for their next school and adult life where flexibility, the ability to reflect, lead, and collaborate in project-based learning will be key.

Academic Success at West Hill Park
West Hill Park Leavers Experience

Our beautiful rural setting, proximity to the beach and great facilities give us a myriad of opportunities to develop our classroom learning on the sports field, away on expedition, in the music school, on the stage and in our extensive offering of co-curricular activities.  It is no wonder that we achieve high value added to our pupils’ academic achievement, where, though we are a non-selective school, they display consistently top quartile academic performance nationally.

When our children take their next step to senior school, their new head teachers consistently remark on the maturity and preparedness of West Hill Park pupils and this is reflected



in more than half of our Year 8 pupils being awarded scholarships & awards to their first choice school. This is to say nothing of our Leavers Experience programme where our Year 8’s can savour the remainder of the summer term with their friends after their final exams in a wonderful array of activities that take them everywhere from up mountains, to surfing in Cornwall and onto the race track to name just a few.

Sports Day  at West Hill Park School