Fees Bursaries and CEA Funding

Please see below for our current fees and other important documents.  Please email admissions@westhillpark.com or call 01329 842356 for more information.


Bursaries - Means tested Bursaries are awarded by the Financial Sub Committee of the Governing Board in response to a completed and substantiated Means Testing Application Form. Awards are only offered to those pupils in Reception and above who are not already in receipt of an Early Years Grant. All Bursaries are reviewed annually.

CEA Funding

We welcome military funding, and are happy to accept Continuity Education Allowance (CEA) funding

Sibling Discount

An automatic discount of £200 per term will be deducted from the fees for the first sibling and £400 per term for the second and subsequent siblings attending the school at the same time.  No discounts are made for those who are in receipt of Early Years Funding or are too young to receive it.

Government EYFS Assistance

West Hill Park School participates in the Government’s Early Years Funding Scheme which provides children aged between 3 and 5 years of age with 15 free hours per week.