Heads of School and Prefects

The School believes that all Year 8 pupils should be given responsibilities that suit their age and ability. These responsibilities and duties do not carry authority though it may be appropriate, however, for a child to ask another for help with a task or tell a member of staff if they are concerned about the behaviour of another pupil. Responsibilities are given throughout the school but in Year 8 there is an opportunity for these to carry the recognition of Head of School and Prefect. These pupils meet regularly with the Deputy Headmaster to discuss their role and to report on issues that they may have detected within the school.

The role of Prefect may be awarded to Year 8 pupils who undertake a responsibility over and above that which is expected of them. From time to time the Headmaster may elect to promote a child for reasons other than direct responsibility.

Prefects carry out their responsibilities and duties at various times during the school day. There is also recognition for academic excellence and pupils demonstrating ability in Sport, Music, DT or Art, giving them the opportunity to assume roles of responsibility in these subject areas.

As well as the specific role to which they are appointed, Prefects will be called upon to carry out hosting duties when guests are present and play a prominent role in school events.