West Hill Park has excellent ICT facilities with two well-equipped ICT rooms which are regularly updated to ensure state of the art provision. Many classrooms have interactive whiteboards and projectors, and children experience Information Technology in the classroom throughout the school.

The curriculum focuses on the core ICT skills of researching and communicating information, handling data, and control technology, which includes an introduction to programming. Online resources and tools are widely used, and introduced and used in a safe supervised environment. Pupils have many opportunities to apply and practise these skills across the wider curriculum and in their free time and activities allow pupils to explore the wider creative potential of technology, such as digital photography and animated films.

We take Internet Safety very seriously and educate our pupils (and parents) about safe use of the Internet, email and mobile technology. All pupils are taught how to keep themselves safe when online and we also offer an annual awareness session as part of our support to parents.

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