Jazz Nights

Once a term, pupils are invited to take part in an exciting evening concert, featuring a variety of musical items. The programme includes performances from visiting professional musicians, Phoenix Choir, our own award-winning Community Choir as well as featuring the school Jazz Band and individual singers and soloists. Not to be missed!

Lunchtime Concerts

Once or twice a term, these concerts take place in the Old Library featuring children who sing, perform on the piano or play on their chosen instrument. The lunchtime concerts are a great opportunity for beginners and more experienced children alike. Parents and family are invited to attend these lovely events.

Open Mic Night

A fun evening in which children, parents and staff are all encouraged to come forward and perform their songs. All welcome!

Formal Concerts

At the end of the spring and summer terms, there is a full formal concert featuring performances from across the school.

The Calendar

Traditional calendar events include Harvest Festival, Remembrance Service, Advent, Christmas Carol Service, spring festivals and tours, trips to the Albert Hall, O2 Arena, Pop and Jazz Choral Day, House Music Competition, Rock and Pop Concert and all of the school Productions, which feature at least three different plays or musicals across the year.

Phoenix Choir is open to all West Hill Park pupils who wish to attend.

The focus is on singing some popular, fun and well-known songs.

We meet for only a few weeks, culminating in a performance at Jazz Night

Junior Choir is for all children from Years Two to Four.

This runs at lunchtime once a week and the focus is on Harvest, Christmas and other calendar events and concerts.

Senior Choir for all children from Years Five to Eight.

This runs at lunchtime once a week and the focus is on Harvest, Remembrance, Christmas and other calendar events and concerts.

Jazz Band is for keen players who enjoy performing at Jazz Night.

This group also enters an ABRSM Jazz Ensemble Examination in the summer term.

Orchestra runs in the spring term leading to a full performance at the Spring Concert.

Funky Flutes, Fiddlesticks, Brass Monkeys, Guitar Club and Rock Band meet every week at break and/or lunchtime in order to give for children to play together.

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