Mrs Abigail Suttie is the School’s Registrar and would be delighted to answer any questions you may have.

Contact details:

01329 842356

West Hill Park is a non-selective School; we do not have formal entrance exams but carry out informal baseline assessments during a taster visit. If there is doubt from staff as to the suitability of the school for an individual child, parents will be informed at the end of the taster period. In these circumstances a place may be offered after a longer trial period.  The school will not discriminate against any child on any grounds but we do have to be sure that we can offer the support each individual child requires.

Bursaries are available and awarded following the submission of a Means Testing Application Form. The application form is available from the admissions office, please do contact the Registrar for further information and guidance on how to apply. 

School visits; we advise that you either attend an Experience Day or arrange an individual meeting with the Headmaster to discuss your particular requirements. This visit will include a tour of the School so that you can meet other members of staff, and pupils as well as seeing the School’s facilities.

We will encourage you to arrange a taster day or two and these can be arranged prior to registration.

Procedure for registration

  1. Please complete the registration form which is contained in the back of the prospectus or can be down loaded from this website and return it to School with the £200 registration fee. Receipt of your registration form will be acknowledged and your planned start date confirmed. We will offer you the chance to arrange a taster day or two at this point if appropriate.
  2. During the term before your child is due to start you will be asked to sign an acceptance form as part of our parent contract. The confirmation deposit of £500 will be due at this time to secure your child's place, the deposit is returned to you when your child leaves the school once all the fees have been paid.
  3. A welcome pack will be sent to you which will include:
    • A Parent Handbook;
    • Medical questionnaire;
    • Data collection form;
    • Communications guidelines;
    • Age relevant permission slips;
    • Invitations to various taster experiences and uniform fitting.

The Registrar will continue to support you until you feel settled and at home with the school's timetable. She will provide you with information about what to do on the first day and guide you through the first weeks of term until you are all confident member of the school's community.


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