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Learning Support

The Learning Support Centre is a bright, welcoming classroom in the middle of the school with numerous tools and provision to support any child within the school from Early Years to Year 8 who require support or extension to their learning during their school life. The staff are qualified specialist teachers who are devoted to supporting our pupils in a mainstream educational environment. We are proud to watch our pupils gaining in confidence as they progress through the school and move on successfully to the next level in their education.  

The areas of learning that we can provide support for at West Hill Park are;

·         General Maths

·         General Literacy

·         Phonics and spelling

·         Fine Motor Control

·         Gross Motor Control

·         ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support)

·         Speech and Language

·         Handwriting

·         Touch typing

·         Comprehension

·         Reading

·         Behavioural/social/emotional needs

·         English as an additional language (EAL)

·         Children requiring further challenge

·         Exam Preparation

At some point in their school life, pupils may require some heightened individual support in various areas of their learning. Our teachers work hard to plan and support the child’s needs within the classroom, however sometimes, we identify a child needing more specific additional support, which often will lead to individual programmes being set up which are tailored to the child’s  needs. Learning Support teachers, parents and all school staff, as well as with other professional services may be working with our pupils in order to support their development and give them everything they need to thrive.

The Learning Support centre offers small group booster sessions specifically designed to address the areas of learning listed above. It also offers individual lessons, heightened in-class support and diagnostic assessments so as to pin point the specific needs and targets. The centre is always open and available to staff and parents who would like any further guidance or discussion about their child. It is also always open to any child who has concerns of their own or whom requires support. 

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Head of Learning Support:

Mrs R Crawley BA (Hons) QTS