At West Hill Park we believe mathematics is more than just a subject; it is a way of thinking. We aim to give all children an experience of maths based on three core values: understanding; enjoyment; and challenge. Whatever the age, the most important question a child can ask is “Why?” - when children understand why a method works they have a much better chance of being able to apply that process in different contexts.

Our aim is to persuade children that maths isn’t always the black and white subject it is perceived to be; that are many different ways of arriving at a solution and if they are getting every question right, they are not being sufficiently challenged! In Mathematics, the challenge comes from unpicking and analysing the underlying concepts, extending problems and drawing connections between ideas.

We aim to help young mathematicians to be critical thinkers, to examine their work and assess whether what they have done is sensible. Problem solving and investigations encourage children to ask their own questions, to write and test their own hypotheses and to explain their solutions. Ultimately we hope that maths intrigues, inspires and makes real sense.

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