West Hill Park is an ISI 'Excellent' in all areas day and weekly boarding Prep School in Titchfield, Hampshire, surrounded by 28 acres of grounds. Our school boasts outstanding facilities including an indoor swimming pool, excellent Outdoor Education facilities and an onsite riding school. Life at West Hill Park centres around the core pillars of kindness, ambition and resilience. 
We deliver an exciting, challenging and stimulating curriculum, including the Pre-Senior Baccalaureate in Years 7 and 8, that engages every child and provides the skills needed for their future in an ever-changing world. We develop and care for the physical, social and mental well-being of every child through a supportive environment that allows the individual’s voice to be valued, and provides the opportunity for them to have positive relationships with all members of the WHP community built on mutual respect, kindness and good manners. 
There is no substitute for visiting the School firsthand, and during Open Week you can meet with the Headmaster and any other subject leaders you are particularly interested in, as well as receive a tour with our Year 8s.
Little Griffins and Wild Griffins - We will also be hosting a dedicated Open Day for Little Griffins, our Curiosity Approach accredited Nursery and Wild Griffins, our newly opened Forest School on the 26th April as part of Open Week. 

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