Blog: Mr Ward

The start of a new year always provides hope and opportunity. With these thoughts in mind, it seems like the right time to write my first blog ahead of the start of a busy spring term.  

Every new year is supposed to be accompanied by a resolution; a quick Google search tells me that only 16% of people keep all their resolutions with 44% of people keeping some or all.  As I think back over the years I know I have fallen into both camps and sometimes entered into a third category where my resolutions have not been kept at all!  Our School values of being Ambitious, Resilient and Kind have been at the forefront of my mind in recent days ahead of choosing a resolution for the forthcoming year.  I was lacking inspiration for a resolution until earlier this week when an unexpected WhatsApp message arrived in my inbox from a university friend – would I like to join him in the Bournemouth Half Marathon in October?  It has been 10 years since I have completed a half marathon and the message certainly ignited my interest.  To cut to the chase, I am now entered for the half marathon and will be running on behalf of Macmillan Cancer.  Personally and professionally this resolution perfectly matches the values of Ambition, Resilience and kindness and has certainly focused my mind with early training taking place in these rather wet, cold and dark winter days.   My message to the children at the start of this term will certainly focus on the importance of these values as they go about their daily lives, both in school and at home.