Blog: Mrs Bowker - Introducing Lyla

On Wednesday, we had a very exciting first assembly after the Christmas holidays. In possibly the worst-kept secret of all time, West Hill Park now has a School Dog, Lyla!

Here are a few facts about Lyla:

  • Lyla is a cockapoo (mum is a cockapoo and dad is a poodle)
  • She's currently 10 weeks old (only a baby)
  • Hypoallergenic hair (doesn’t fall out) 
  • Sleeps under the stairs at my house - just like Harry Potter but with a little more luxury...
  • Quite confident but everything is new and at this stage a little scary! 
  • She does like to nibble 
  • Loves to play with toys. 
  • Should sleep A LOT! 

Why do we have a School Dog? School dogs have many benefits - they can make school feel more welcoming and safe; help when we feel worried; listen to you read and help some of of students overcome a fear of dogs. Eventually, Lyla will train to do reading therapy - supporting reluctant and anxious readers with their reading. 

Over the next few months, whilst Lyla is growing and learning, all our students have a very important job to help me with - making sure Lyla feels at home here at West Hill Park. Now I know how brilliant our pupils are at this particular job as they have all made me feel so at home since joining last year! For our assembly, some of our Year 8's helped me to make a video to explain to the school how it could feel for Lyla which you can see below. We are so excited to start this journey and share it with pupils and the wider West Hill Park community!