Lockdown Music

It is "Music for All" at West Hill Park during lockdown, where even those who don't have regular instrumental lessons get stuck in alongside those more experienced!  Their class music lessons are part of our Distance Learning Programme and you can see some of the videos they have submitted below through Google Classroom, along with Mrs Blunn's comments on their excellent creations!

Benji - A lovely video featuring Benji playing on all the instruments he is learning.​​​​​​

Freya - Although Freya has recently been preparing for her scholarship to Dauntseys, she still found time to experiment with our project on ‘Blues’ and learn how to play the chords for a 12 bar blues on the piano.

FloYear 4 pupils have been studying tunes that move in steps and leaps. Flo is making excellent progress in her flute lessons and was keen to play Mary Had a Little Lamb, demonstrating tunes that move in step.

CoriCori is currently taking saxophone lessons on-line with Mr Richardson and was keen to use his instrument to play the folk songs we have been studying in our Year 7 project.

GeorgeGeorge has recently completed his Initial grade on the piano and is rapidly moving towards Grade One. The chosen piece for demonstrating step-motion is one of the tunes George enjoyed playing in the good old days.

KitKit is ready to take his Initial Grade piano exam and will soon be moving on to Grade One. Here he is working on his pieces.

HarryWhilst his brother has piano lessons, Harry hasn’t actually played the piano before, but he enjoyed having a go at playing our tune that moves in step.

Bella Isabella has recently gained grade 3 on the flute and it is lovely to hear her play our folk song, Scarborough Fair.

RupertMore Year 4 tunes that move in steps and leaps. Here is Rupert playing Mary had a Little Lamb on the piano.

BonnieBonnie is demonstrating how to play tunes which move in step using a virtual keyboard operated by her qwerty keyboard. She gained a Show Head of House for this work.