Mr Ward - Fostering Positive Relationships

Last week it was my pleasure to join fellow heads within the PSB for a conference at IAPS Headquarters in Leamington Spa.  Two inspirational speakers, Oba Akinwale and Richard Shorter, engaged us all with interactive sessions that challenged and motivated at the same time.  Oba, Commercial Director at is an organisation committed to young people and is aspiring to be the top-rated youth training provider in the country.  Richard is the founder of and aspires to enable coaches and parents to work together to produce winning character on and off the sports field.  

Both speakers’ messages resonated with the Heads in the room and certainly challenged us all to think carefully about the positive relationships we need to foster between school, parents and children on a daily basis.  Working together is hugely important and will ultimately benefit all children to become the best version of themselves.  In the near future, I will be looking to invite both Oba and Richard to West Hill Park so you can hear their message for yourselves.