Mrs Wolverson - Climbing out of The Learning Pit

Every day brings new opportunities for learning and personal growth, even when your days of being a pupil in the classroom are my case this is a very distant memory! As teachers, we talk to the children about the 'learning pit.' A point in learning where we struggle but where our best learning and self-discovery happens. Resilience is key to learning skills and tools to climb out of the pit. I find myself in this place at the moment as I push myself into new challenges. 

This year I decided it was time to come out of my comfort zone and in doing so I am taking part in 2 charity events, both in April! I know, not my best plan.

The first event is an Ultra Challenge 50km walk, raising money for the charity Mind. My team of walking buddies, The Hopeful Hikers and I have already walked over 150km during training. It's not been without its challenges, mainly rain, mud and more rain and now an ankle injury. All pushing my resolve and resilience to the limit. Despite all the hurdles, the benefit of being out in the fresh air and watching spring unfold over the months has been so beneficial for my physical and mental health. I can highly recommend a walk to clear the head and lighten the soul. So please think of me and all those walking on April 6th as we attempt to walk the 50km before it gets dark! 

No time to rest, it will be straight on to my 2nd charity challenge. This is less physical and more vocal! A fundraising concert to be held at our very own WHP. I sing in Rock Choir and together with a friend and our fellow Rockies, we hope to put on an amazing concert. Raising money for MS Trust, MND Connect and Parkinson's UK. These are very close to my heart, knowing friends and families affected by these diseases. If you would like to come and listen to us sing or would like to support us in another way then please do contact me.


Rock Choir