Thoughts from the Beehive - Mrs Crawley

Our Beehive (Learning Support department) is always growing and changing direction in order to support children effectively, both academically and within a more pastoral context. At WHP, we are proud of the many ways we do this and are very fortunate to have so many wonderful professionals working alongside us for the benefit of our children.

A normal working week looks a little like this: 

·         Each day there are early morning interventions to support children in touchtyping, Maths and English run by teaching and support staff

·         Kimberley and her reading therapy dog (from Canine Concern) come in to read with our younger pupils

·         An Occupational Therapist supports some younger children and advises staff on interventions and training programmes

·         Lucy Peters, our School Counsellor, works in school over two mornings a week to provide support to pupils and staff

·         Jan Thomson Long, our Dyslexia and Dyscalculia Specialist teacher and assessor, works with children over a morning a week and provides feedback and training to staff

·         An Educational Psychologist is often in school to assess children and provide recommendations to school and home in how best to support a child.

·         Parenting in 2024 course for parents of all children across the age ranges

·         A Speech and Language Therapist will be in to assess children or provide 1:1 support sessions as well as giving staff training on how to support speech and language needs within the classroom.

With such a wide range of professionals giving advice and our own wonderful staff providing support, it is our aim to relay as much information as possible to our parents in the WHP community. A padlet has been created with this aim in mind. It draws together advice, support and information from a wide variety of sources, both locally and nationally, and will organically grow as time goes on. I am grateful to the parents who attended the Parenting in 2024 course, and who specifically asked for information on social media and Internet Safety. Mrs Fourie has kindly provided some excellent links which give guidance on this topic. If you have any other requests for information or guidance, please get in touch and we will add them in.

‘When schools, families and community groups work together to support learning, children tend to do better in school, stay in school longer and like school more’. Anne Henderson and Dr Karen Mapp

This is certainly our aim, and we are very appreciative of your support and input in ensuring the best possible progress for our children.