To be the leaders of the world they will work in, our pupils are given the opportunity to think critically, computationally and creatively through the use of a range of software and hardware. By setting problems, the children learn to be resilient when it doesn’t work and reflect on how to improve.

The Computing curriculum focuses on the core skills of Digital Literacy and E-Safety, Information Technology and Computer Science, which includes programming as a fundamental skill we learn. Online and offline resources and tools, including coding and robotics kits, are widely used and are introduced in a safe and supervised environment. Pupils have many opportunities to show independence and collaborate using these skills across the wider curriculum and in their free time. Supervised extracurricular activities allow pupils to explore the wider creative potential of technology, such as digital photography, green screen technology, movie making and animations.

We take internet safety very seriously and educate our pupils (and parents) about safe use of the Internet, email and mobile technology. All pupils are taught how to keep themselves safe when online and to be kind to others when using devices.