The aim of History at WHP is to unlock the mystery and excitement of the past and encourage a love of the subject amongst the children.

Making the learning of History as interesting and fun as possible is our focus. We encourage the children to see History as a big story and look to bring events to life as much as possible through role play. The children are encouraged to question, discuss and debate, firing their curiosity about the past and discovering how this in turn can help them understand the events of today. The children develop a range of analytical skills to improve their understanding of what happened and why. We look to foster creativity, with choice given to the children where possible for how they communicate their thoughts, tasks and research.

Based in Historic Titchfield and within fifteen minutes’ drive of Portsmouth and Southampton, we study Local History and our area’s rich cultural heritage extensively, whether re-enacting the Battle of Trafalgar on the deck of HMS Victory, discovering the story of the Mary Rose on the Southsea Castle battlements or indulging imaginations looking out from the boarding house over the Solent as the owners of the house did to see the Titanic sailing in 1912.