Physical Education & Games


At West Hill Park, PE and Games are a core part of our curriculum. We are very fortunate to be able to offer first-class facilities such as a floodlit Astroturf, Large Sports Hall, Netball and Tennis courts and an Indoor Swimming Pool. The school boasts 6 Rugby and Cricket Pitches allowing space to develop high level individual sporting skills.

Physical Education plays an integral part of the curriculum at West Hill Park and it is our aim to foster a life-long love of Sport, irrespective of children’s ability. All pupils from Year R through to Year 8, cover Tennis, Net and Wall Games, Dance, Indoor Athletics, Gymnastics/Vaulting, Ball and Movement Skills and Health Related Fitness. Our PE Curriculum allows our youngest pupils to develop fine and gross motor skills, as well as the confidence and desire to perform them in competitive sport as they move through the school. Pupils also look at Healthy Eating and Mental Health through sport for a greater depth of how Physical Education and Sport impact our lives. Senior pupils investigate sport at an elite level through the Athlete Case Study, this allows them a greater understanding of sport and training at the higher level, whilst preparing them for work similar to GCSE level.


As a school, we play to win but place equal emphasis on the values of collaboration and sportsmanship in all aspects of sport. Cultivating individual excellence and providing children with the ambition to follow any sport is the main goal of the coaching staff. The school has forged close links with local clubs in the area enabling children to further their skills and develop outside associations. Our eldest children are trained as Young Sports Leaders and we have an enviable level of success with sports scholarships.